Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Arps in Dra and Her, night 2

16", 330x, SQM 21.78.

Arp 66. SDSS III.

Arp 66, UGC 10396. VV 472, 273 Mly. "Companion" elongated, arm points at it. Short extension opposite.

Arp 73. SDSS III.

Arp 73, IC 1222. 404 Mly. S-shaped. Bar ends in condensations. Both the SDSS companion and double star are glimpsed. Star unresolved streak.

Arp 102. DSS 2.

Arp 102, UGC 10814. VV 10, 315 Mly. Component c is a streak W of a star. Repeated suggestion of bridge. Main component with arm along E side, which becomes especially pronounced to S (component b). MCG [+8-31] -41 compact.

Arp 103. SDSS III.

Arp 103, MCG+8-31-3. VV 710, 411 Mly. Zwicky's Triplet. UGC [10586], NGC [6241] seen [not parts of the Arp triplet]. PGC [59062] fainter than [MCG+8-31] -3. [MCG+8-31-] 3A seen. [Zwicky's triplet is the -3, -3A, and PGC - see sketch in the original Zwicky and Humason paper.]

Arp 124. SDSS III.

Arp 124, NGC 6361. 167 Mly. Companion slightly elongated. Edge-on very slightly S-shaped, curving away from the companion. N edge brightest E of core and contains a knot. Star NW of companion seen.

Arp 125. SDSS III.

Arp 125, UGC 10491. VV 501, 356 Mly. Suggestion of star on S edge of companion. Main component fan-shaped, opens NW. SE end brighter.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

SB(r)s and Arps in Ser, Dra, and Her

16" F/4.5, 13, 8, 5.5 mm. SQM 21.7.


NGC 5921. SB(rs)bc. Ser. Reobservation. Inner ring, bar, and nucleus. W arm from N edge of ring curves S. Enhanced edge of inner halo between it and the ring. Arm from S edge of ring points E. N of it detached segment NS. Detached outer segment doubles base of arm off N edge of ring.


NGC 5905. SB(rs)bc. Dra. Reobservation. Near 5907, in field with 5908 and PGC 54376. PGC seen vaguely near a star. 5905: Inner ring, nucleus. Bar to ring N of nucleus, ends in a knot. From it arm E then SE past star. 2nd symmetrically NW. Detached mass or edge of halo to SSE.

Arp 2. SDSS III.

Arp 2, UGC 10310. Her. "Low surface-brightness spiral." Magellanic at 33 Mly. 8 mm. Core double [core and knot N of it on SDSS]. Compact enhancement on W edge.

Arp 30. SDSS III.

Arp 30, "spiral with one heavy arm". VV 232. NGC 6365. Dra. 5.5 mm. Double star resolved. Edge-on companion points outwards relative to double star and main galaxy center. Other end embedded in halo more than tangentially - hint of enhancement on edge of halo. [A 1996 paper confirms that this is a first-pass interacting system - thanks to Redbetter on Cloudynights.]

Arp 32. SDSS III.

Arp 32, "integral sign spiral". VV 89, UGC 10770. Dra. Components resolved with 5.5 mm. Star in between. N component NS, SW end of S component bends sharply S, tapered.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Last Herschels

April 1, BMO. Clear, 0 C, calm, humid. Moonset 1:00. SQM 21.38. 20" F/5 Obsession, 13 mm Ethos. Herschels in Virgo, night 3. 10 new objects, 143 remain.

NGC 4464. Next to M49, Compact, oval.

NGC 4469. Large edge-on N of M49. Bright core and starlike nucleus. W extension fainter.

NGC 4470. Oval S of M49. Framed with first of night and M.

NGC 4476. Framed with H400 NGC 4478 and M87, fainter.

NGC 4480. Elongated.

NGC 4482. Oval, faint,  NW-SE.

NGC 4487. DSS 2.

NGC 4487. Elongated EW S of star. Core elongated EW. Short arm between core and star, pointed W.


NGC 4488. Elongated core, NW-SE. Extension S past the star to the W. Symmetrical extension does not extend to the star NW.

NGC 4491. Elongated NW-SE.

NGC 4492. Next to a star S of -88, between it and a bright star.

April 14. CSSP. 12" SCT, 13 mm. 78 new objects.

NGC 4588. Wrong position in Autostar. Not visible at correct position. [Re-attempted on the next night.]

NGC 4638. Wrong position in Autostar. SQM 21.69.

April 17. CSSP. 12" SCT, 13 mm Ethos.

NGC 4878. Located by coordinates + DSS.

NGC 4888. Located by coordinates + DSS.

NGC 4991. Spica reflections inside tube interfere.

NGC 5247. DSS 2.

NGC 5247. Two arms immediately obvious.

NGC 5258. This completes the catalog. SQM 21.87.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Herschels in Virgo, night 2

March 22, 00:00-02:00. Clear, transparency above average, SQM 21.27-34. Calm, -10C, 70% humidity. 20" F/5 Obsession, 13 mm Ethos. 10 new Herschels, 154 remain.

NGC 4430. Companion (NGC 4432). Elongated core. Arm from E end and along N edge.

NGC 4431 group. SDSS III.

NGC 4431, 4436, 4440. Triplet, 2 differently oriented edge-ons, star off end of the central. 4431: small bright round core, condensations E and W. From E, arm N then W. Symmetrical arm fainter.

NGC 4434. In field with non-Herschel NGC 4416. W of M49.

"The Eyes". SDSS III.

NGC 4435 and 4438. Herschel 400, reobservation. "The Eyes", Arp 120. Besides the cores, with attention and movement, separated thick extension of -35 to SW, thin streak from as far as N tip of -38 NNE of core of -35 to between the cores, and joined to it, [another, running] SSW not quite to the core of -35.

NGC 4452. Thin edge-on.

NGC 4454. Slightly oval EW.

NGC 4457. Bright stellar nucleus. Oval WSW-ENE. Star on edge of field WNW.

NGC 4458 and 4461. Pair in Markarian's Chain, just framed with "The Eyes", similar-looking [to the cores] and parallel but fainter.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Herschels in Virgo (last constellation)

March 4. CSSP. Clear, calm, dry, -15C. Transparency above average to average. Moonset 1:05, astronomical twilight 5:05. SQM 21.77. 12" SCT, 13 mm Ethos. 69 new objects. 164 remain.

NGC 3822 and 3825 with non-Herschel 3817, 3819, and 3820. Hickson 58. All five in field.

NGC 3874. Star pair, W brighter and appears nebulous. 3863 in same field is a sizable edge-on and likely the Herschel object.

NGC 3914. Star embedded N.

IC 2963. Matches Herschel's description: stars and nebulosity.

NGC 4045. Companion seen. [4045A.]

NGC 4073 and 4077. Nice pair with different inclinations in field.

NGC 4023. EW bar, arm N from W end, S from E end.

NGC 4180. Cheerful little spindle.

NGC 4206. A miniature of the gigantic edge-on 4216 in same field.


NGC 4216. Herschel 400, reobservation. Dust lane and star on E side.

NGC 4223. Nothing at Autostar position. NGC 4241 in Autostar matches description: bright, EW, bright star S.

NGC 4224. Dust lane along N edge intermittent.

NGC 4241. This is the galaxy next to 4223, although the position in Autostar seems a bit different from "4223" [above]. Located as IC 3115. Large, diffuse edges. [Inconspicuous.] Both seen together.


NGC 4260. Compact enhancements at ends of bar (NE and SW).

NGC 4264. Next to the H400 [NGC 4261], fainter.

NGC 4270. Matching Herschel's description of the field are 4270, 4268, 4273, and 4281.

NGC 4277. Small companion of the H400 NGC 4273.

NGC 4294 and -99. SDSS III.

NGC 4294 and 4299. -4: W edge flattened, star at N end. -9: SW edge enhanced and consists of 2 or 3 knots, S-most almost stellar.

NGC 4296 and 4297. Pair in contact. S component faint patch. N component almost stellar, brighter.

NGC 4313. Large edge-on.

NGC 4326, 4333, 4339. 3 together in field. [WBL 402.]

NGC 4341, 4342, 4343. 3 together in field. [WBL 403.]

NGC 4356. Sizable edge-on. Star off E edge.

NGC 4365 (Herschel 400), 4366, 4370. 3 framed by Ethos, of unequal brightness. [WBL 406.]

NGC 4376. In Autostar this galaxy is same as next (NGC 4378). Located by coordinates. Bright, NS, star S.

NGC 4387. Inside a triangle of galaxies just framed by Ethos [M84, M86, NGC 4388].

NGC 4403 and 4404. Faint pair, almost touching.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Last Herschels in Leo, Hya, Crv, and Com

February 26, CSSP. New Moon. Astronomical twilight 19:30, 5:00. Clear, transparency above average, dry, some wind. -3C, SQM 21.85 after midnight. 12" SCT, 13 mm Ethos. 218 new objects.


NGC 3640. H400 reobservation. Non-Herschel companion NGC 3641 seen.

NGC 3679. On the side of a neat trapezium of stars. [In a curious relationship to Herschel's notes about this uncertain discovery.]

NGC 3692. Extremely long. Bright core, thin extensions.

NGC 3790, 3801, 3802. Three in the field of the Ethos.

NGC 3798. Not marked, but remember to be successfully targeted.

NGC 3800. Arp 83 with non-Herschel 3799. Companion seen.

NGC 3808. Arp 87. Companion seen.

NGC 3821. Star embedded.

Abell 1367. SDSS III.

Abell 1367. "Field after field chock-full of galaxies." Herschel objects NGC 3842, 3851, 3860, 3862, 3875, 3883, 3884 specifically identified. NGC 3875 with supposedly non-Herschel 3873: "Both components seen, Herschel object is obviously both."

NGC 3926. Both components seen.

NGC 3954. Sharp nucleus.

NGC 3968. Star embedded near center, or starlike nucleus.

NGC 3987. Strongly elongated. Trailing N among stars, orthogonal spindle and brighter galaxy [non-Herschel 3997].

NGC 3993. It is the said spindle.

NGC 4002 and 4003. Both seen.

NGC 4004 with IC 2982. NGC extended roughly NS, IC smaller.

NGC 4005. Bright, E of star.


NGC 3585. Very bright.

NGC 3885. Quite bright.

NGC 3904. Bright nucleus in a lens.

NGC 3923. Large. Bright mottled core.

NGC 4105 and 4106. Touching pair.

NGC 5061. Very bright. Sharp core. Faint star E.


NGC 4024. Oval, sharp nucleus.

NGC 4033. Elongated NE-SW.

NGC 4035. Faint and diffuse, round.

Arp 244. DSS 2.

NGC 4039. S component of Ringtail, Arp 244, with H400 4038. "N component itself is a ring and a tail. Good separation of the S component."

NGC 4050. Faint, large, EW.

NGC 4724 and 4727. Dramatic unequal pair.

NGC 4782 and 4783. Touching pair, S component brighter.

NGC 4794. Shares the field with the pair. Star embedded E, another off E end.

NGC 4802. Bright star on SE edge.


NGC 4131, 4132, 4134. Three together in the field.

NGC 4136. Large and diffuse.

NGC 4146. Faint. Starlike nucleus.

Hickson 61. SDSS III.

NGC 4169, 4173, 4174, 4175. Hickson 61. 4 like a drunken house.

NGC 4222. Next to an enormous edge-on over the border in Vir. [NGC 4216.]

NGC 4253. Small, compact.

NGC 4278 (H400), 4283, and 4286. 3 together, disparate brightness and size.

NGC 4298 and 4302. Large edge-on and a less inclined galaxy close together.

NGC 4328. Faint satellite of M100. M100 a stunning spiral.

NGC 4502. Needs motion to detect. Once found, pretty definite oval.

H III.26. Bratton offers NGC 4529 = UGC 7697 as identity. I could not see anything at the Autostar positions for these galaxies (different) or at the coordinates given. I think it is a satisfactory attempt as far as the Herschel catalog, because Hershel himself was unconvinced of the discovery. The galaxy is supposed to be a thin edge-on, so I may give it a try with 20".

"The Mice". SDSS III.

NGC 4676AB. The Mice, Arp 242. Touching pair, tail to the N.

NGC 4752. Between two bright stars. Starlike nucleus swelling to an annulus enhanced NS.

NGC 4758. Faint, star embedded. Another E.

NGC 4789. S of bright star.

NGC 4798. 2016.06.10: Uncertain. February 2017: Very definite EW oval.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Herschels in Leo

February 18. BMO. Clear, humid, calm, +3, average transparency. Observed for 1 h around 01:00. SQM 21.34. 20" F/5 Obsession, mostly 13 mm Ethos.

NGC 3196. Bratton marks it as one of the most difficult objects in the Herschel catalog. Herschel himself recorded it as "a little doubtful". I could not see it in the 12" last time. Now in the 20 it is a somewhat intermittent EW oval. Mag 16.19B. 676 Mly.

NGC 3216. Similarly not seen last time, although it is larger and much brighter.

NGC 3226 and 3227. Arp 94. H400 reobservation; seen previously in 4". W arm curving toward companion. Opposite arm pointing toward star seen only with 8 mm as a straight segment not extending past the core.

NGC 3239. Arp 263, "Loony Galaxy". In 2012 I observed the supernova and the brightest features in 12". Brightest part just N of star. E of the star on the same edge is an almost equally bright compact object. A fainter one is embedded N of the star in the bright part. Separated cloud like a hook S pointing at companion E. Grainy streak SW, oriented NW-SE. Faint extension of the bright part toward star W.

February 19. Same conditions. 9 new objects.

NGC 3303, Arp 192. Fainter component NW, touching.

NGC 3338. 8 mm. Enhancements E and W of central core where arms bend. SW arm segment points at star. N arm segment shorter than core.